"'What ever the weather' my ass. It's hot as hell out here." - V.W

i think i may be in love with mollie tbh, like literally perf, please share, thx. 

honestly, why is mollie even trying to be in LA right now. YOUR HEART REMAINS IN LONDON YOUNG LADY (her heart begin frankie). 
i wouldn’t be this upset if they just admitted they are in love or were in love, expect i think if they were to say they have broken up and used to be in love i would probably just throw myself into the pacific tbh LIKE HOW DO YOU EVEN HANDLE THAT WITHOUT WANTING TO DIE? idk idk idk I’m just sad and there is too many emotions going through my head and I’m not emotionally ready to see 5SOS in concert on saturday like plS THEIR MUSIC JUST MAKES ME CRY. i hate it i hate it, i hate boy bands, girl bands, music, i hate everything. 
also if Miley’s Bangerz tour is coming to a city near you i suggest you go 180% because she is the best performer ever and drive is my fave song and i just cry because that song is so beautiful and it just feels like you are being stabbed in the heart. 

ok ok. 

Potential interview question for the sats: 

Me: Hi, how does it feel to know that two of your band mates, i won’t name names but you can guess who, *coughs* Mollie and Frankie *coughs*, are eternally bound to each other and are well you know in love. I just would really like to know how this effects you as a band, also rochelle you are fabulous and i cry about your wardrobe and jewellery 120% of the time. 

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